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Terminative 3 EC 2014


Welcome to the Terminative 3 Education Centre. We are a public home for anyone who wants to develop him/her -self more within Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. We mainly teach saber fighting, movement, tactics, guns and force (DUEL, FFA, TFFA, CTF) in an active and advanced way, where we always go back to the basic elements of the game. That way you will easily get familiar with also the advanced basics of this game. We further give advice on guns/saber force DUEL and SIEGE. We redirect people to other learning places when needed. We can do this because our network is wide and experience is large. The further you get, the more in depth you will go and you'll discover theory and skills you would not have found anywhere else. The Terminative 3 Education System covers almost everything you can think of and teaches you how to develop yourself further on. We observe, analyse, copy, break down, put together, reflect, ask questions, learn, improve and then analyse some more.
We consider this place a higher education centre. This means that we prefer students to have knowledge of the most elementary aspects of this game, in order for them to participate well in classes. However, this is not a must. Feel free to register and participate in classes. You will find out your level soon enough and that way you will get to know if you are able to learn as a level 1 student at Terminative 3. Everyone who registers on this website, will instantly be added to the students group and be given a level 1 rank. From there on we hope you will be able to progress, take exams and develop yourself more; mentally, socially, network, skill and knowledge -wise. Most of the official classes are done by students themselve (instructors, masters, grand masters). For unofficial person to person training, you can always ask our knights or anyone else to help you out (when you need to learn some more elementary aspects for example). We prefer to play and teach on basejka, but we don't mind mods. JKA is best taught on basejka. But a good player should be able to play in any environment. So we also teach people how to adjust to mods.

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Terminative 3 was originally created on the 19th of December 2007 by Hugo and LoK. It has evolved from being a team to a closed community and now a public education centre. The Terminative 3 Education Centre was created on the 15th of May 2011 by Hugo.


Feel free to register and join our lessons.

Terminative 3 Management,

Terminative 3: Active JK:JA Gameplay

Terminative 3 LIVE 2014 (FPSI GAMING)
IRC - #terminative3 (quakenet)
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